Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mishti Doi

"Mishti Doi" (hope I got the name correct) is something probably every lover of bengali sweets must have savoured. My image of it goes to that small matka tied with strings with the yummiest and the sweetest of sweets/ sweetened curd which my favourite uncle R uncle got for me during one of our visits to Calcutta. R uncle's pampering with sweets and chocolates and M aunty's yummy chicken biryani is something I looked forward to on each of our trips to their house. It's not only that but also that they are the warmest people I have ever come across. M aunty even preserved a kerchief I had left at their house for almost 4 years and had given it to my dad when he visited them. How sweet na! I truly miss her. 

Now coming back to the original subject. I had gone to the outlet of a famous sweet manufacturer of Calcutta at Bangalore and when I saw the same "Mishti Doi" there you can't imagine my happiness. My taste buds were kindled and images of my childhood came alive before me. I could visualize myself devouring it with a child like glee. I happily got it packed and rushed towards home. I couldn't resist the temptation to have it once again. And so with all possible enthusiasm, I opened it and took the first heavenly scoop and rest is history ...

One moment I was in ecstasy and the next moment there was a huge disappointment written large on my face. It was nowhere like the mishti doi I had at R uncle's place. It was just curd mixed with sugar which I can also make with Nandini Curd (That's the Curd packet we get at Bangalore). I really cursed that sweet manufacturer for back stabbing my happiness. And adding further fuel to the fact was that for this small cup of sweet curd, I paid Rs.12 (the cup size was the same as that of vanilla ice cream small size cups).  A huge disappointment indeed. I have resolved not to visit that sweet shop again. So, people in Bangalore please check if it is really "Mishti Doi" before you fall for it.

I wish I could have the original, unaltered "Mishti doi" again and relive those magic moments of my childhood. I really wish ...
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