Saturday, December 25, 2010

Am Moving....

Dear all,

Thank you all for your unconditional support and love. This blog has been my lifeline for quite sometime now. Though I hate to do this but I am moving to another place... Do update your readers with my new blog site .....
See you soon over there.......


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mishti Doi

"Mishti Doi" (hope I got the name correct) is something probably every lover of bengali sweets must have savoured. My image of it goes to that small matka tied with strings with the yummiest and the sweetest of sweets/ sweetened curd which my favourite uncle R uncle got for me during one of our visits to Calcutta. R uncle's pampering with sweets and chocolates and M aunty's yummy chicken biryani is something I looked forward to on each of our trips to their house. It's not only that but also that they are the warmest people I have ever come across. M aunty even preserved a kerchief I had left at their house for almost 4 years and had given it to my dad when he visited them. How sweet na! I truly miss her. 

Now coming back to the original subject. I had gone to the outlet of a famous sweet manufacturer of Calcutta at Bangalore and when I saw the same "Mishti Doi" there you can't imagine my happiness. My taste buds were kindled and images of my childhood came alive before me. I could visualize myself devouring it with a child like glee. I happily got it packed and rushed towards home. I couldn't resist the temptation to have it once again. And so with all possible enthusiasm, I opened it and took the first heavenly scoop and rest is history ...

One moment I was in ecstasy and the next moment there was a huge disappointment written large on my face. It was nowhere like the mishti doi I had at R uncle's place. It was just curd mixed with sugar which I can also make with Nandini Curd (That's the Curd packet we get at Bangalore). I really cursed that sweet manufacturer for back stabbing my happiness. And adding further fuel to the fact was that for this small cup of sweet curd, I paid Rs.12 (the cup size was the same as that of vanilla ice cream small size cups).  A huge disappointment indeed. I have resolved not to visit that sweet shop again. So, people in Bangalore please check if it is really "Mishti Doi" before you fall for it.

I wish I could have the original, unaltered "Mishti doi" again and relive those magic moments of my childhood. I really wish ...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


A smile
A touch
An expression of love
Memories are what I will always carry

Memories are what I will always carry

Memories are what I will always carry

Memories are what I will always carry

Endless talk
Endless gossip
Endless chatter
Memories are what I will always carry

Late night dinners
Memories are what I will always carry

Reason to smile
Memories are what I will always carry

To say am officially back to India after 3.5 years in Fukuoka but there are many fond memories of Fukuoka which I will always carry with me. Although an alien country, it was my home for some part of my life. A place which made me independent and strong in many ways. But then nothing is stationary.

So, its a "Bye bye Fukuoka"

And a "Namaste India"

Sorry guys this was the reason for my long absence from the blogging world. Now am officially back to blogging also, have a lot to read..... and comment will do so soon.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sulphuric Acid

"What happened to him? He looks so lost?"
"Don't know... maybe dreaming about his Dream girl"
"Uff.... you guys na... can't think of anything else"
"Ya we can't ... Any problem... as though you girls don't do such things"
"Hey hey... what girls and all..."
"Shanti Shanti... both of you"
"Shanti... who is Shanti.... your ex????"
"Uff.. Shut up... Hey did you see the new movie Milenge Milenge"
"Ya... I did.... movie was ok... but Shahid was cho chweet na....."
"Oh you girls.... can you please stop that... Shahid is this... Shahid is that...... Plzzzzzz"
"Why should we ... your mobile has Katrina's pic... do we say anything... everything you buy and everything around has to have a Katrina stamp on we say anything. No right. So, if you can't hear about Shahid, then close your ears and get lost "
"Oh... So much of anger... ok down, I was just pulling your legs"
"Thats better"
"Hey guys, what happened to him. He is so lost from morning"
"Don't know, I was also asking him the same and then the Shahid Vs Katrina fight started and we forgot about him"
"Ha, Ha, Shahid and Katrina..... you guys should see Vikram. Man, what an acting. Truly awesome"
"Na na, Prosenjit Sabcheye Bhalo"
"Ledu Ledu Sidharth chala manchi"
"Guys stop stop.... this is not a National Integration talk"
"Ha ha, by the way did you guys notice... he has still not budged from his place. Wonder what has happened to him otherwise he will be the first one to poke his nose in such topics. I am going to ask him"

"Hey man, what happened?"
"Nothing yaar, just a little bit lost in thoughts"
"Oh so much lost, you didn't even hear us discussing about the actors"
"Oh is it?"
"Ok, out with it... what is it?"
"Well, err... well... I found the love of my life"
"Hey congrats man... and who is the lucky one?"
"Uh...She ... hmmm ... Vidya....  Vidya Balan"
"You must be joking...You mean actress Vidya Balan.... She told you so?"
"Not just me... She told in an awards ceremony, so everyone knows"
"Uh... which one... "
"Filmfare awards.."
"I saw that too but I didn't see her mention you"
"She said ... She said"
" When"
"You know in the filmfare awards.... she was asked questions and when she replied.... she told my name"
"Oh my god, this is madness, just because she said "Sulphuric Acid" doesn't mean she likes you"
"She doesn't like me but I have fallen in love with her from that moment. From that moment, I have realized, she is the love of my life. I know no one will appreciate this kind of one-sided love but I am prepared for it. Even it take 7 life times to get to her, I am prepared"

Sulphuric Acid walks away clutching a photograph of Vidya Balan.
Copper Sulphate looks at Sulphuric acid ... Stumped.

Location: Chemistry lab of ALMAT School.

If there is a quarter of us which doesn't believe in movies, there is a bigger quarter of us who live and breathe movies and idolize the actors and actresses. No wonder, girls can't stop going "Ooooh.... aaahhh" when the hero flexes his muscles and guys getting lost in their dreamworld when the heroine flutters her eyes. Well acids can't be humans but then what if they come alive will they also go "Ooooh... aahh" on actors?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Phir bhi dil hai hindustani...

Sujatha's eyes races around to find that familiar face in the myriad of faces. Will she able to recognize her? She catches her laughing excitedly in a group of ladies. She walks towards her and taps on her shoulder. Manju turns and lets out a cry of joy.

"Suja, after so so many years. So good to see you. And couldn't you inform me you were coming. I would have come to the airport to pick you up"
"Knowing me you shouldn't be telling this!"
"Ya, the great lady of surprises. But still...." 

Manju hugs her and realizes a cute girl standing beside them and looking at them in amusement. 
"Hey, is she Sumi" 
Sujatha nods.
"Oh my god, she looks so much like you when you were college" 
Manju hugs Sumi also. Sumi doesn't know what to do and tries to put on a smile. 

"Mama, won't you introduce me to your friend." 
"Sure, dear. Hey Suja, she is sweetie my daughter"
"Hello Aunty, mom always talks about you. Glad you could make it for Anil anna's wedding."
"I couldn't miss it dear and especially since I would get a chance to meet my college buddies and my dearest friend"
"Sweetie, why don't you introduce Sumi to your friends"
"Go along Sumi"

Sumi forces a smile at her mother and goes along with Sweetie. Sumi is all confused. She didn't want to come to India especially when all her friends had gone to Hawaii for holidays. She had wanted to join them. But her mom wouldn't hear anything of it. She couldn't allow her girl to go all alone with a bunch of crazy girls and boys to Hawaii all by herself. Her father had tried to convince her mom but...

"Suja, she is grown up. And this is not India, this is Japan. Here kids are independent after an age. You have to also allow her to grow up independently"
"I am an Indian and you are also an Indian. Just for the sake that we live in Japan, I can't forget my roots nor can I allow my daughter to do that. For me my daughter's safety is my utmost priority and I know what I am doing"

The topic was closed. And so here she was, tugging along with her mother to India. Her mother visited India every two years and Sumi had to always accompany her. Not that she hated India but somehow she didn't feel at home in India. Relatives crowded her grandparent's home the moment they landed. So many aunties asking so many questions about Japan. Why are they so inquisitive after all its just another country. They would leave after they got their box of chocolates and one or two other gifts. Did they come to see mama only for the gifts, but then who bothered. She missed Sushi but she also loved the food her grandma cooked for her. She especially liked her grandpa. He was a retired professor and used to tell her many funny anecdotes. 

She is brought to reality by Sweetie shaking her hand.
"Hey where are you lost. Ok, this is Reema and Sunita"
She looks at the girls and smiles meekly
"Hey Sumi, nice to meet ya. Hey, tell us about Japan. Do you have a Japanese boyfriend?... Do you eat Sushi and all..Do you smoke and drink... I heard its very common there." The girls spoke on and on....

Sumi gets irritated. Same questions and guys do you think every girl has to have a boyfriend. How sick. She feels like throwing the glass of juice in her hand on both the girls....
"No, I don't have a Japanese boyfriend and yes I eat sushi and love it but I also love Indian food"
She abruptly turns to Sweetie and says, "Hey, I will hang around. I have never been to an Indian wedding before. Do you mind?"
"No, I won't. Why will I?"
She leaves behind three pairs of eyes gapping at her in disbelief. Sweetie breaks the silence with "Attitude girls, attitude".

Sumi wanders about, sees some sitting space under a tree and sits down. Her eyes search for her mother and spot her giggling away to glory with her bunch of friends. She sighs and continues to watch the people around. 

"Hey sitting alone? Care if I join you"
She turns to see a girl in Jeans and t-shirt calling out to her. Certainly inappropriate for the occasion.
"Am Ruby"
"Hi, Am Sumi"
"You certainly don't seem to be liking the people around"
"Nothing like that. Its just that I don't know anyone particularly well. You are a relative of Sweetie"
"Ya... She is my cousin. How about you"
"My mom and her mom are college friends" 
"Oh, ok. So, you are studying"
"In Japan"
Sumi forces a smile. Not again.

"For starters, I too studied in Japan"
"Oh really. Thats nice"
"And what brought you to India"
"One my love for architecture and two, my parents decided to settle down in India"
Sumi stifles a smile.
"So, you like this place"
"Ya at times I do... at times I want to go back to Japan"
"Why so?"
"I can't understand the system around here. So much of pollution, corruption and things like that. Why I can't even wear those shorts which I am so much used to wearing in Japan as guys glare at you. I have to hold my bag more dearer than my life, least somebody snatch it away. The buses are always crowded to the core especially in the evenings and I have to take an auto back which is quite costly. They never seem to use the meter even though they have one fixed in the auto as though it were some kind of adornment for their auto. Every office asks for an extra 10 to 100 rs to get your file moved through and it takes ages for government offices to pass on the files from one desk to another. I don't understand what are they paid for? And yet life goes on here. It doesn't stop."

Sumi giggles. So much of what used to go in her mind was being told to her. She nods in agreement. 
"Well, its just that I have got used or rather I would say adjusted to this system and I am carrying on" 
"So what do you do here?"
"Well, primarily am an architect and I travel a lot around India discovering the rich architectural variety that India has to offer. In fact, I will be going to Thanjavur to see the temple there. If you are here for sometime, you can come along with me"
"Oh is it, I would love to. Let me ask my mom ... will you be here for sometime"
"Yup, sure ... Take your time"

Sumi hurries towards to her mom and whispers in her ears. A long discussion follows. They both move towards Ruby.
"Mom, she is Ruby"
Sujatha starts interrogating Ruby (the usual motherly questions) - where will you stay, who are going with and so on.
Manju who is watching the scene from far comes and calms down Sujatha. "Hey you stay in Japan and still you get so much pepped up. Its perfectly fine for Sumi to go with Ruby and by the way guys, Ruby is my to-be-daughter-in-law too. Ruby, Sumi will be your responsibility during the tour."
"Sure mama, she will be perfectly fine"
Sujatha looks confused at Ruby and wonders why she is not in a sari for her cocktail party but doesn't say anything.

2 days later
"Ok bye mom, I am leaving now". 
"Ok bye Sumi and take care and please don't drink water from the road side stalls. You will get sick"
When will Mom stop worrying ... "Ok mom"
She gets into the van waiting for her. Ruby is already there. She introduces Sumi to all her colleagues. Sumi gets chit chatting with them and sits back to enjoy the trip. 

After sometime
They reach Thanjavur temple and start getting off from the van. A lot of beggars immediately surround them begging for money. Ruby holds Sumi's hand and pulls her away towards the entrance but Sumi keeps on turning and looking out. Sanjay, who had so far been observing Sumi silently comes up from behind and says,

"What happened. Some problem"
"Uh no... these beggars"
"Oh.. thats a common sight in India"
"I know but why are they not given shelter or job by the government"
"Good question, we will write a letter to the PM tomorrow and ask him. Ok?"
"Oh come on Sanjay, don't be so cynical"
"Sumi, even I don't know the answer so this is what I can say"
"My mom also says the same thing and puts me off but can't we do anything for them"
"If your heart goes out to them, then maybe you can join our group"
"What group"
"Me and some of my college friends work in a village school"
"Really. Can I join your group?"
"Ya, of course. Its open to everyone. And maybe you can join us this weekend before you actually decide whether you want to join us or not"
"Okay. Will it take more than a day else I have to ask my mom permission"
"No, we can go in the morning and come back the same day"
"Cool thats perfectly fine"
Sumi remains excited through the trip and Sanjay can't help smiling at her. Ruby is amused by her enthusiasm for a trip to the village school but doesn't say anything.  

D-Day arrives ...
"Ok mom, am leaving"
"Ok but are you sure you want to go that Village School. I mean its good but still"
"Don't worry mom. Its just a visit, okay"
"Ok, take care"
Sujatha looks as her daughter happily hops onto the bike. Sanjay doesn't look bad, not a bad choice by my daughter after all.
After an hour of driving, they reach the village school. Its abuzz with the chanter of kids running here and there. Sumi looks at them. They are kids from very poor families, some with torn pants, some with torn shirts but still running about with a huge smile. Sanjay goes and rings the bell and all the kids rush inside the community hall which also serves as the classroom. Sanjay looks at Sumi and tells,

"Would you like to take today's class?"
"Uh... but I didn't prepare anything"
"I guess you must be knowing English alphabets ... the kids won't understand Japanese ones"
"Ha ha.... Ok Will try my best. You will be there to help right?"
"Yup. Sure. My other friends will be here in sometime. They will handle the other classes."
"Ok cool"

The class gets over and the kids rise to wish their teacher. Sumi feels something tugging at her heart. She can't understand what it is. Sanjay knocks on her head and says
"Madam where do you get lost every now and then"
"Nothing. I don't know I am feeling something for the first time"
"Does the something have a name"
"Sanjay, thats why I said its something"
"Ok, you ponder on your something. Want to see the village?"
Sanjay starts walking. Sumi asks 
"Not on the bike"
"This is rural India Mam and to know them, you should be at their level, not zooming past them"

She starts following Sanjay. Everywhere its the same thing. No proper brick houses, thatched roofs, ladies blowing through some earthen ware and trying to make fire for cooking food, people in tattered clothes, smell of cow dung, people looking more than a layer of skeletons. Her heart fills with remorse. She clutches Sanjay's hand hard and he pats her back. 
"Don't worry, its ok. This is the life here"
"Can we go back. I can't take this any more"

2 days pass by ...
"What has happened to you? Why do you look like Paro who has lost her devdas?"
Sujatha is not able to understand the transformation in her daughter. She is quiet as though she has been taken by thunderstorm. Maybe Sanjay said something to her.
"Ok, have your coffee and pack your bags. We are to leave tomorrow night"
"Mom, can I stay back for some more days with Grandpa"
Sujatha is happy that her daughter is probably liking India after all and maybe Sanjay. She smiles back at her and nods her approval. Sumi is taken aback. Her mom never agrees to such things so easily and anyways who cares as long as she can stay for some more time in India and think over Sanjay's Idea.

The other day on their way back, Sanjay and Sumi had stopped at a coffee shop.
"So, did you like it"
"Ya I did but its heart wrenching. All these scenes are unthinkable. I want to do something for them"
"Aah the good samaritan. Probably you can join an organization which works for such people"
"Do you know any?"
"Ya I have a few friends and probably they can arrange it for you. But mind you girl, this is not a reality show where it will end after some time. These are thankless tasks which you will have to do umpteen number of times. Why even your family may not approve of it. So be prepared for the worst. Social work is not so easy as it seems. It requires a lot of patience"
"Ya I know"

A week later ... 
"Tring Tring" Sujatha's husband picks up the phone.
"Hey darling, whats up. hows life and hows grandpa and grandma. When are you coming back?"
"Everyone is fine dad and I called up to say something"
"Ya go on"

He puts down the phone with a smile on his face. 
"Sujatha, there is some good news. You daughter has decided to become a social worker"
"And she has also decided to stay back in India"
Sujatha is shocked ... 
"I wish I had allowed her to the Hawaii holiday... This would not have happened then"

"Sujatha all this while you have only imposed your wishes on her. Allow her to do something of her choice at least now. She is no more a kid. I am an Indian and you are an Indian. Allow her also to be an Indian and do her bit for our motherland"
Sujatha is taken aback and looks at her husband while he sits down to watch FIFA...

It takes days and at times years to decide our goal in life. At times, a single incident changes the purpose of our life and we move ahead in pursuit of it. But a majority of us don't even try to know what our goal in life is. We accept life as it is and as it comes. A goal in life is a must. For a mother, it may the upbringing of her kids, for a teacher it maybe the future of her students. A goal however small defines the purpose of our life. To all those people, who have defined their goals in life and are in pursuit of it... "Try, try and you will succeed" and to those who haven't yet discovered it, I hope you will soon. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 Generations or is it 4?

The house wore a festive look but Rajadurai looked pensive. He calls out, 

"Rajamma, Please see if Rajlakshmi is ready. They will be here soon". 

Rajamma moves to Rajlakshmi's room as per her husband's order. Rajlakshmi is still playing with her friends. 

"Rajlakshmi Dear, you should get ready else Appa will be angry".

"Please Amma, Can I play for some more time."

Rajamma looks at the 14 year old and smiles to herself. She was just 2 years old when Akka laid her in my arms and went to heavenly abode. And today is her nichayathartham. I have kept the promise I gave to Akka. Her father has chosen the best groom. Akka must be watching from above and admiring her lovely daughter. 

"No dear, you should start getting ready, Appa looks really angry".

"Ok, if you say so".

Rajamma starts to lovingly drape her step daughter with the traditional Kanjeevaram saree.

"Amma, this is so heavy. How will I carry this?"

"Dont worry ma, you will learn to carry this very well as there will many more occasions on which you will be wearing such sarees".

She smiles and starts to adorn Rajlakshmi.

"Amma,why do girls have to go to another house when they get married?"

"That is because after marriage, husband's house is their own house".

"Amma, Then does that mean I can never come here".

"Of course dear, you can come but your first and foremost priority should be to look after the needs of your husband's house and make me a proud grandmother soon".

Rajlakshmi blushes.

After 25 years...

Rajlakshmi is talking animatedly to her daughter Sumati. The boy's parents were coming to see her daughter. If they agree then she can soon start the preparations for her daughter's marriage. Her husband calls out to her,

"Rajlakshmi, they have come".

She hurries out to welcome them. After the usual formalities, Rajlakshmi goes inside and escorts her daughter to the living room where everyone is seated. She makes her sit next to the boy's mother. The boy's mother asks her the usual questions. Rajlakshmi looks lovingly at her daughter as she meekly answers them all. The boy's mother and father discuss something and then the boy's father clears his throat. Rajlakshmi silently says a prayer. Her husband looks fervently at the boy's father.

"Sir, we like your daughter. If we have your approval, we can proceed with the other things"

Sumathi's father replies, "Sir, we have no objection. "

The boy's father and Rajlakshmi's husband start discussing about the marriage date. Rajlakshmi silently says a prayer again and exchanges pleasantries with the boy's mother. Sumathi sits transfixed through the entire proceedings. One part of her wants to run away from all this and get back to studying for her B.A. 2nd year exams and the other part of her yearns for the new life which is yet to begin.

After 30 years...

Sumathi is talking to her daughter Sree. She is doing her MBA 2nd year. Sumathi is telling her about a good proposal. Sree replies

"Not now ma, my exams are going on and I am yet to start my career also. I can't even think about marriage now. Please ma, don't disturb me about this marriage stuff now".

Sumathi puts down the phone and looks at her husband and says "Girls these days!!! I didn't even utter a word when my parents fixed my marriage right in front of me. They didn't even ask me"

"Times have changed Sumathi. She is the modern age girl. Let her be. When she wants, we will get her married. You don't worry so much"

After a year..
"But Sree, its a year since you joined the company. What more career do you want to establish"

"Ma, its like a rat race. Its hard to explain to you. Give me some more time I will surely tell you when am ready. As of now, Marriage is a sure no"

After 2 years...
"Sree, you need to decide about your future ma. You should get married. We are also getting old. If we wait for some more time, we wont get a good proposal ma. Already, everyone has started talking ill about you. No ma, you should decide this time"

"Ok, if you say so. Can I talk to Daddy?"


The conversation goes on for a long time as Sumathi watches her husband's face change from astonishment to understanding  and a multitude of other expressions in between. Finally he places the phone and says,

"Sumathi, you future son-in-law is coming to meet you in two days"

3 generations with only one common factor, "When will my daughter get married?". With time, naturally the perspective of the mother has changed from informing her wishes to her daughter to asking her opinion and then coming to a decision. Globalization has brought a remarkable change and the woman has grown from being just a housewife and mother to a strong, independent individual with a mind set of her own. She perfectly understands what is right and what is wrong. She understands what she seeks in life. At times though, she is still confused and still looks about for advice. At heart, she still remains the soft and meek person barring whatever facade she may show to the outside world to protect herself from the vagaries of the outside world. 

It is time that the society and the world at large understand her and allow her to grow as an individual. Let the world look beyond her marital qualifications and revel in the glory of her academic and personal qualifications. In hope for a better tomorrow for the woman in me...

After 20 years ...

Si packs her bags. She needs to catch the flight to Bombay where she will be setting up her new world. She will be working part-time at McKinFish and studying her art course too. Its time to move out of her protected cocoon into the open world with no support.

"Ok Mom, Its time for me. Am moving and don't worry I will take care of myself. Dad doesn't need to send me money every month now on"

"Ok Honey"

Sree looks on as her daughter races towards her new world.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Times are good
Times are bad
Times of happiness
Times of sorrow
Times spent in laughter
Times spent in grumble
Times dipped in love
Times dipped in hatred
Times meant to cling to
Times meant to let free
Times of harmony
Times of unrest

Times written cannot be rewritten
Times gone wrong cannot be made right
Times spent cannot be gained back
Times bygone are bygone
Realize the time at hand

Time doesn't give a second chance, does it?


P.S. Do you remember my artsy craftsy entry for June? Its up for voting now. Please vote for me if you like my entries (Nos.26 -29).Voting closes by 29th June Midnight.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Lets Celebrate!!!

Blogging was never a passion to me. My only indulgence in the world of blogging used to be the blogs of my college friends Sravan and KP. But at no point of time, it struck me that I could also start blogging. Maybe the reason was that I was so much preoccupied with my work that I never thought about anything else other than PL/SQL, Forms and Oracle in general. This year probably God decided to show some mercy on me and decided to bless me with very little work. So, it meant more boredom (because obviously you cannot roam all the time nor watch movies 24X7 or the K-Serials 24X7) and a more grumpy nature.  In the midst of all this, Sravan did a post on soul search in 24A.  Well, this got me into some sort of a soul search. I was never grumpy in my life, I always knew to smile in the toughest of times (although am short tempered and the temper doesn't last beyond 10 minutes) and certainly I was not one person to sit idle. 

So, instigated by all these thoughts, I thought why not start blogging? I setup my blogger account and my very first post came up. Not a very good start but yes I tried to better myself along the way. I started to take part in Blog-a-ton, was dumbstruck by the Blogadda Pick, awards which flowed in from blog friends, never-ending chain of comments, tags and blog contests. A big Thank You to Blog World which accepted me so open heartedly.  And today shonawrites proudly celebrates her 50th post. 

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high 
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake."

What more could express a blogger's thoughts more beautifully than this poem by Rabindranath Tagore. Truly, Blogging has given me that platform to express my thoughts and opinions in the way I want. My blog is a reflection of me, my thoughts and my actions. It has become that perfect gateway of bliss which I look forward to every day. Is this an addiction or not, I don't know but it has certainly helped me to fight my loneliness and be happy all the time. It has helped me to discover a "New Me". In fact, my colleagues now joke that Shilpa sits in a cloud surrounded by her blogs and remains unaffected by all official matters. 

Very true, in fact I found out one of my colleague wants to blog too and we have a really good discussion on blogs, politics, books and everything under the sun. I guess its always easier for like minded people to talk. The same holds good for my blog friends. People whom I have never met but leave their love and warmth on my every post, People who have encouraged me all through these 49 posts and People whom I will remember all through my life. So, here is presenting my Toonbook of all these lovely people who have left their imprint on my blog life as well as my real life. 

I would especially like to thank Anu, Uma and Swaram who have been really very sweet and encouraging right from my very early posts. It was through their blogs that I started to connect with the rest of the blog world. Thanks a lot ladies :)

There have been a lot of people whose blogs I love to read:
1. Mohan : Blogs on a plethora of topics
2. Shruti  : Holds the amazing Artsy-Craftsy contest month after month
3. Pree : Her blog is a pandora's box of house decor and truly yummy delicious recipes.
4. Pixie, Smitha, Pal : All of them write straight from the heart - simple and sweet posts
5. Tavish : Read his fiction and know him better.

Also presenting to you two important people who are the pillars for this blog. Goondi No.1. What would I do without you girl! K has been my right, left, center and all possible directions hand. Low times she is there, High times she is there, Every time she is there. :D Poor thing gets tortured by me all the time. She has to read my posts (whether she likes it or not), review it, make corrections and tell her opinion. Sometimes she sincerely does it but mostly she always has a clever way to tell no to me :D. However, she is my PRO and she is doing a good job of advertising my blog in her circle :D.

Make way, Make way for Goonda No.1. Big B has been a very dear friend for the past 10 years who sincerely makes a con call for every festival/birthday to all our classmates and we have a ball of time giggling away to glory. Even though he is a really really very very sincere sincere student, he always finds time to read my posts and comment (According to him in a recent con call he told he doesn't comment unless and until the post inspires him to). So, I consider myself lucky if I get a comment from him in my posts. 

So, Goondi No.1 and Goonda No.1, heres to our friendship. 
"Ye dosti hum nahi todenge, Chodenge dam magar tera saath na chodenge" :D :D. Ye fevicol ka jod hai thootega nahi!!!!

Last but not the least, Daddy this is for you:

Words of wisdom, you taught me
Good and Bad, you guided me
Strength, I imbibed from you
Independence, I gained from you
Tough times, you held my hand
Good times, you let me enjoy it
Bad health, you looked upon me every hour
Good health, you made me gorge like a demon
Education, you gave me all
Life Partner, you left it to my choice
You look upon me for advice
But I am still the small kid who may stumble and fall!!
Be always by my side Daddy!!!

Now, moving away from the sentimental things, to some lovely awards that my blog friends have passed on:

Thanks Priya

Thanks Priya

Thanks LEB
These awards are duly passed on to every single person mentioned in this post.

And do you remember the "Cool couple contest". I finally decided to announce the winners. And the winners are:

1. Comfy says

"The song I would sing: Kuch is tarah teri palkein.. because well the song says it all

He would probably sing: She is always a women to me.. because women confound him because how quickly and often we change and I am all of that..but through it all I am his woman to him and he loves me just like that.."

2. Priya says

For me... there are a lot of favorites but 2 songs that immediately come to mind are
Aisa sama from Zameen Aasmaan
Kishore Kumar's Aise na mujhe tum dekho

Comfy and Priya heres your "Cool Couple" award.

P.S. I have already mailed you all the toon picture. So, please go ahead and display them in your blog. A token of love and appreciation from me to you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Block me!

Artsy-Craftsy is again round the corner and I cannot be far behind right!!!So, here we go, this month's theme being block printing. 

I had some ready made blocks at disposal which look something like below:

This picture was made 2 years back with the help of ready made blocks and maroon stamp inks on white craft paper. I did have this framed and it does make a great wall hanging.

Basically, these ready made blocks can be used to stamp onto anything of your choice. So, I made this bookmark with the same block used in above painting and some satin ribbons to adorn the corners. Simple isn't it?

Since, I was on a stamping spree, I didn't stop there. I stamped these on the thin cloth covers usually used to cover handbags. And these came out as good candidates for table covers.

And the final ones in the stamping arena. A card and a bookmark and if you are wondering you have seen that dove somewhere. Yes, you have. Its the dove on the "Dove" soap and don't worry the black stamp ink can be easily washed off the soap. So, I stamped and smudged the whole paper with a tissue paper. 

Play time over ... lets get back to work :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aplish - 2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forgive me Lord for I am ignorant!

Dear Lord,

Forgive me Lord for I am ignorant

Forgive me Lord for 
I don't understand the craze behind cricket
I don't understand how people can watch the same ball being bowled again and again and the only excitement is when there are 4's and 6's
I don't understand why people bite their nails when their favorite team needs 4 runs from the last ball in the last over to win the match. I would do that only when watching a horror movie

Forgive me Lord for 
I don't understand why people refresh their browsers and exchange cricket scores more frequently than replies to official mails
I don't understand why my friends get up at 5 in the morning to watch a match  and seeing my ping only reply "Watching match" 
I don't even know what is that which keeps up my colleagues at 3am in the night to watch cricket
I don't understand the huge crowds outside TV showrooms with people in a frenzy when an important player has been bowled out

Forgive me Lord for 
I don't understand the difference between a test series, a one day match and all other series. For me, they are just various names of cricket matches
I don't even know what is off side, clean bowl, spin bowler and all the other phrases which sound greek and latin to me

Forgive me Lord for
The FIFA fever has not caught unto me
I don't know the thrill or happiness you get on seeing a 1.5 hour match with people crazily running around a ball knocking people down and injuring some in the process too
I don't know even know a football player except for Maradona and thats because he is a legend in himself

Forgive me Lord for
I feel like an alien from Zoombie land
I am so very ignorant and may continue to be so
But I have only one wish, Please don't make me so much ignorant in my next birth :).

Your faithful follower. 
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