Friday, June 11, 2010

Sing - a - long

While everyone has been busy with the "Na Blo Po Mo", the "Red Marker Marathon" and many of the blog world contests.... I too have been busy.... Not with blogging or work but rather with parties. Now if you are wondering why so many parties, then here it goes:

Reason No. 1: New member in the team and so we had a welcome party
Reason No. 2: We had a team lunch courtesy the Business Manager
Reason No. 3: We had a project party also
Reason No. 4: Our team seems to be hooked onto the month of June with the maximum number of birthdays in this month (This includes 2 small kids and 4 big kids). We have already had two parties in a row. This is not to forget the cake cutting party at 0:00 hours.
Reason No. 5: I went shopping and had a party for myself.
Reason No. 6: I have been hopping around my colleague's home and have been having a ball of time with my colleague's daughter. Well, thats a party of sorts as the smile and happiness on her face is priceless :).

In short, in 11 days, I have had 5 parties, 1 midnight cake cutting session, 1 lunch outside home, 1 party by myself and I expect a lot more in the coming days... :D :D .. Phew!!!!!

So, it was party time yesterday also and the birthday boy/man who is also the best singer amongst us was asked to sing a song for his wife. Even after 10 years of knowing each other, wife dear always blushes to the core :D. This was the song sung by the birthday boy for his wife. 

And the wife sung this in return (all blushing and smiling again :D)

And we didn't stop at that, we made all the couples sing for each other :). This is what the only Tamil couple sung for each other.

By the husband (At the end, wife was so happy as this was the first time that he had sung a song for her):

By the wife: 

So, I thought why not make my blog friends also do the same. So, let the emotions in you flow. Which song you would sing for your better half and which song do you think your better half would sing for you? If you are single, imaginary better half's are accepted :D. Let loose your imagination and the coolest pair of songs will receive this sweet cartoon from me :)
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