Sunday, June 20, 2010

Block me!

Artsy-Craftsy is again round the corner and I cannot be far behind right!!!So, here we go, this month's theme being block printing. 

I had some ready made blocks at disposal which look something like below:

This picture was made 2 years back with the help of ready made blocks and maroon stamp inks on white craft paper. I did have this framed and it does make a great wall hanging.

Basically, these ready made blocks can be used to stamp onto anything of your choice. So, I made this bookmark with the same block used in above painting and some satin ribbons to adorn the corners. Simple isn't it?

Since, I was on a stamping spree, I didn't stop there. I stamped these on the thin cloth covers usually used to cover handbags. And these came out as good candidates for table covers.

And the final ones in the stamping arena. A card and a bookmark and if you are wondering you have seen that dove somewhere. Yes, you have. Its the dove on the "Dove" soap and don't worry the black stamp ink can be easily washed off the soap. So, I stamped and smudged the whole paper with a tissue paper. 

Play time over ... lets get back to work :D
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