Sunday, June 13, 2010

I ...

I am an individual.
I am the way I am.

They say I denotes egoism.
They don't realize that I is also for individuality.

They say I am always happy.
They don't see my stifled tears.

They say I should watch my step.
They don't see that life has taught its lessons to me.

They say I should be mature.
They don't see the kid in me wanting to break free.

They glorify amusement parks.
They turn blind to my love for nature.

They say I don't understand the present.
They fail to understand that my actions are an outcome of my far sight.

They say I am peculiar.
They fail to see that they are peculiar somewhere else.

They say a lot, They fail to understand more.
Times may come, Times may go.
Its I standing testimony to time.
Its I against whom the tides of time lash at and erode me slowly.
Its I who will withstand the onslaughts and move from strength to strength.
Its I who is responsible for my actions and they can never replace I.
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