Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forgive me Lord for I am ignorant!

Dear Lord,

Forgive me Lord for I am ignorant

Forgive me Lord for 
I don't understand the craze behind cricket
I don't understand how people can watch the same ball being bowled again and again and the only excitement is when there are 4's and 6's
I don't understand why people bite their nails when their favorite team needs 4 runs from the last ball in the last over to win the match. I would do that only when watching a horror movie

Forgive me Lord for 
I don't understand why people refresh their browsers and exchange cricket scores more frequently than replies to official mails
I don't understand why my friends get up at 5 in the morning to watch a match  and seeing my ping only reply "Watching match" 
I don't even know what is that which keeps up my colleagues at 3am in the night to watch cricket
I don't understand the huge crowds outside TV showrooms with people in a frenzy when an important player has been bowled out

Forgive me Lord for 
I don't understand the difference between a test series, a one day match and all other series. For me, they are just various names of cricket matches
I don't even know what is off side, clean bowl, spin bowler and all the other phrases which sound greek and latin to me

Forgive me Lord for
The FIFA fever has not caught unto me
I don't know the thrill or happiness you get on seeing a 1.5 hour match with people crazily running around a ball knocking people down and injuring some in the process too
I don't know even know a football player except for Maradona and thats because he is a legend in himself

Forgive me Lord for
I feel like an alien from Zoombie land
I am so very ignorant and may continue to be so
But I have only one wish, Please don't make me so much ignorant in my next birth :).

Your faithful follower. 
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