Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Travel with me...

Travelling to me in India was no more than the Industrial visits/tours that I got to attend in college covering a few parts of South India. Japan brought out that traveler in me who enjoys nature in its purest form. Traveling around I realized some of these were places I had read about in my History and Geography classes. The emotions that open up when you actually see those places in reality cannot be  described. My travel tales around Japan show casing some well known and some not-so-known places.

I also thought what you thought, "What is so special about this building in ruins that onlookers were so curious about?". Little did I realize, that the Nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima had exploded almost over this building. This is the A-Dome/Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan. Although, the city has technologically advanced to great heights but that single incident of 1945 nearly wiped out humanity from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The museum beyond this building houses many artifacts related to the explosion including videos which are quite depressing. It also makes you feel as though "Man is his own enemy".

A smile came on my face when I saw this natural structure at Udo Shrine, Miyazaki. This is probably a shape which just cannot escape your eyes. It looked as though it was telling me "Come on, Hop onto me and we shall go on a long drive". In actual, this place is famous for the shrine but more than the shrine, this was what held my fascination for long.

What would you do if you ever  had to stand on an active volcano and it erupted right at that moment. Thank God that nothing like that happened but standing on Sakurajima (An active volcano in Japan) on that day, the only thought which crossed my mind was "When will we leave this place, I am scared!!!"

A very serene place, isn't it? There is nothing marvelous about this building, most of the Japanese buildings have the same structure but what struck me was the serenity this place eluded. This is the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. A golden beauty surrounded by lush greenery. The top two stories of this Buddhist temple are covered by pure gold leaf and this temple houses the relics of Buddha (Buddha's Ashes). A perfect resting place for the preacher of peace.

Last but not the least, who would not smile on receiving a bunch of flowers/bouquet or even a single rose.  This colorful beauty can make any day of yours more livelier and more cheerful. This is what compels me to visit this beautiful garden (Nokonoshima Island) year after year in Fukuoka.

This is my entry for BlogAdda's Travel Photo Contest and something from Pringoo which I can use in my blog would be the below one. 
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