Monday, February 1, 2010

A status msg tells a thousand words !!!

My status message and the varied responses i got for it has given me an impetus to write my first blog:

My status msg:

"Dard ki koi dawai nahi !!!" (Read: There is no medicine for pain)

Friend 1 says:
"Gum kaa saathi rum" (Friend in pain is Rum)

Friend 2 says:

"Aur whisky baate gum"
(And whisky shares your pain too)

(As though Rum n whisky were not enough .... now somras..... )

Friend 2 says :

"Rum saathi aur whisky baate gum, koi bataye bhala gum ko udanchu karne ka kaunsa hai woh ilajh
(If run is friend and whisky shares pain how to make pain disappear..... somras ???)

(Now the gr8 rising of the man in them.... drinks can really make ppl think crazy)

Friend 1 says :

"Mard ko Dard nahi hota"
(Man does not feel pain)

Friend 2 says:
"Yehi toh hai sab se bara gum"
(This is the biggest pain)

(I started with "Dard" and it went upto "bhagwanji" .... God help!!!)

Now my obvious counter:
"Hey bhagwan mujhe bacho !!! Maine toh dard se shuru kiya tha"
(God!!! Pls help me.... i started with pain)

Friend 1:
"bhagwaan ne hi to banayi hai rum.. kaise keh de wo ab isme nahi hai dum"
(God has only made rum..... how will he say its not good!!!)

(3 idiots has really had an effect on ppl :P ... Three cheers for Aamir Khan)

Net conclusion by Friend 2 :

"All iz well....anth hamesha khushi se hona chahiye" (All iz well..... all is well tat ends well )
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