Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Safed Din :)

If you thought that lovers only celebrated Valentine's Day then hold on.... there is also a White Day (Oh! So sweet one more day to celebrate!!!... Agar India main hota toh archies ki toh lottery lag jaati :) )

Facts: Its celebrated in Japan and South Korea(as per Wikipedia ... am not aware if its celebrated elsewhere too), and has many special meanings attached to it.

Recently, a dear friend of mine told me the way Valentine's Day and White Day is celebrated in Japan. It was interesting becoz these days in Japan are meant for friends and for people who would like to express their love for each other (Not the committed ones )

So as it goes, On Valentine's Day, the girl gives gifts to the guy which are mostly mostly chocolates. So, If you get a factory manufactured chocolates, it means that gift is just for courtesy (so just return it back on White Day),

If you get home-made ones... wow you hit the jackpot!!!! these are very personal and given to express the girl's love. Cho Chweet!!!!

Come White Day (One month after Valentine's Day on March 14th) and its the guy's turn to return these gifts.

He can give any gift but the value should be about 2-3 times of what he received from the girl (So a hole in your pocket ... hee hee.. not much na if you really love a person!!!)

So, for this dear friend of mine who got home made chocolates this Feb 14th..... My recommendation for a gift on WHITE DAY for his .... ahem ! ahem !..... Am clearing my throat guys :)

Cya in my next blog.... Keep Loving your loved ones always!!!!
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