Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emotional Atyachar!

You see a baby smile at you and you smile back.
You see your mom after a long long time and go and hug her..probably cry too.
You see your friend after many years and you cant help but chatter away to glory with her.
You see your college and cant help but remember your college times and the fun you had.
You go to a shop and see that lovely dress and you cant help but imagine yourself in it.
You see those lovely flowers in the garden and feel the fragrance.
You see an old couple helping each other to get down the stairs and you feel that's sweet.
You feel like yelling at your best friend who hasn't called you for many days now and when they do call all you can do is respond back to their warmth.
You have had a bad day at office and you feel like yelling out.
You see the name of you ex-lover and automatically you feel your heart is heavy.
You have been stuck with a bug for past 3-4 days and you try solving it even in your sleep.
The local road side shop plays your favorite song and you want to sing along with it.
You wait for the office bus and see the college crowd and wish you could go back to that carefree world.
There is nothing for you to do on the weekend and you feel lonely and lazy too.
A sunny day brings brightness on your face and a rainy day brings in romantic feelings.

Every single moment of our life undergoes so many emotions that we dont even realize them. One moment, we are happy... the next sad... the next angry...and we all seem to effortlessly juggle between them. No wonder chats also offer so many emoticons for each reaction.

Emotions are such a gr8 cover too:
We smile when we are actually sad so that others dont see our tears.
We cheer for others when we may be feeling jealous about their victory.
We cry when we dont have to (Crocodile tears)
We party when we dont have a reason to be happy.

However, we may express them/not express them, emotions in appropriate quantities - good, Emotions in excess.... Harmful!!!! Have you ever wondered, when you feel sad ... is it worth being sad. Look around there are hundreds of people with more problems than you. When you are happy .. spread that infection to everyone around you .... When you are angry, dont build up your anger but take it out ... you will feel better....Don't suppress your emotions .... they may burst and belittle you. Let them out when you can... you will always feel light!!!
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