Monday, March 22, 2010

My first day at school :)

Well I know, its a 25 yr old story.... and most of us may or may not remember it... but I studied in the same school for 12 years and no teacher left an opportunity to tease me about it till in fact my 10th std.

So here it goes, I will keep this short!!
As it happens to every kid, once they reach the age of four, they are dutifully sent to school or Kindergarten. This was way back in 1985 and thankfully there were no Pre-Kgs and playschools (Oh I love the good old days). I got shocked when my friend said she would have to put her 2 yr old one in play school (cho chad!!!)
Ok, coming back to me.... I too went dutifully to school with my mom (who also happened to be a teacher in the same school I studied) decked in new uniform, new socks, new shoes (pudu dress, pudu socks, pudu shoes.... kalakkara!!!). I saw the classroom with all small kids and when my mom left me with the teacher and started to go to her own class, I wailed like anything (given my current vocal decibels, it must have been the most unbearable of screams). My mom and teacher (Miss.A) cajoled me into sitting in the class, but no I was not sitting in the class without my mom. 

Now Mom had to go to attend to her own classes, so she left me in the staff room with chocolates and balloons (courtesy the school aayaa who went and got them for me)...... and I happily attacked them. This became my every day ritual......for the next four days. Fifth day, also I did the same thing (but unluckily lady luck was not with me :( )..... my HM was in the adjacent building and could hear my wails (now do you understand my voice decibels) ... she came searching to my class as to which kid had been crying so much. My teacher dutifully told her it was me and she came to the staff room in search of me. The first thing I knew was she snatched my balloons and chocolates (Till date I don't like people taking away my chocolates). She asked in the most stern manner "Now will you go to your class?" I said "Yes sister, please give me my chocolates I will go to my class" ..... So much for chocolates.... and I went and obediently sat in my class (well not actually, I didn't sit with the other kids, I sat in my teacher's chair.... special privilege.... )

But then, that one moment did start my association with the school where I studied for 12 years. It will always remain special to me!!!!
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