Thursday, March 25, 2010


I know this is going to be boring but I am a bit nostalgic today (sob! sob!). Its 3 years since I have been in the place which has become home to me......... This is home away from home inspite of the people, the food, the language  everything being alien to me. However, life goes on...... after we all apply Darwin's theory of "Survival of the fittest".  I will always remember this place for the many firsts it has given me......
  • First Time I traveled many miles to a totally foreign place without knowing even a bit of the language. The only two words which were taught to me before coming to this place were "Nihongo Wakaranai" which means "I don't know Japanese" which I conveniently use till date
  • First Time I saw snow and actually played with it
  • First Time I faced an client escalation 
  • First Time I actually made a dinner (although it didn't come out well but yeah my roomie did eat :).... so sweet of her)
  • First Time I shopped all alone (Big Time fav of all Gals.....Always had company for shopping in India..... but then I had to find my own way here)
  • First Time I actually started saying TGIF (Thank God....Its Friday)
  • First Time I actually started looking forward to weekends (Weekends for me just meant another Saturday/Sunday @ office or @ home) but then here there is so much of activity on any weekend here.... Now I don't want to miss the weekends
  • First Time I organized a Christmas party and could carry it out well.... Santa rocked the party....... 
  • First Time I realized what boredom means (thats when no activity is happening and I am left on my own) and that led me to discover the plethora of online movies, orkut, facebook, chatting... (blogging I discovered lately....I wish I could have started it earlier but better late than never)
  • First Time my mobile doesn't beep constantly with the SMS screech and the everyday call from Airtel.
  • First Time I couldn't attend my good friend's (many in fact) wedding (simple reason being I cant take many  holidays :( )
  • First Time meeting my family meant travelling 10 - 11 hours of flight journey + 6 hours halt in between (Of course, Its better than having to travel by ship as the good old days :))
  • First Time I traveled by a bullet train/ shinkansen.... bullet train in the real sense... as you cant even fathom the speed......
  • First Time I visited more number of places than I have actually visited in India (my only trips in India being the so-called study tours)
  • First Time I couldn't go to a church on Easter.... a ritual I broke after my 26 years of existence 
  • First Time I got onto the escalator. I always dreaded getting onto the escalator and always used the lift or the stairs in India... My friends have the best of fun in not allowing me to get off the escalator and scaring me :(  .... I hate it.....
  • First Time I sat on a roller coaster and it rolled me inside out .... Vowed never to sit on one again.....eeeeks..... 
  • First Time I saw Shrek in 4D and boy it was soooooo good....I felt I was with Shrek in the movie.......
........ so many lovely memories... so many lovely moments.... I found new friends... I lost touch with some old ones... I lost some friends too (well I dont want to remember the dark things today !!!!) but life is still going on ....
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