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360 degree Fukuoka - Food Special

Well.... To do a 360 degree overview of Fukuoka is really next to impossible.... but then for people travelling to Fukuoka ... my cents to make your stay more livelier....

This one's for N :) ... Have a very happy happy married life and a great time discovering Fukuoka and Japan...... 

This is a food special ... Shopping and Roaming Special Coming up Next .....

Now if you are going to roam about in Fukuoka you are also bound to feel hungry and may not want to cook.  So for your taste buds, there are some Indian, Pakistani (only 1 I know), Nepali and a few Japanese restaurants. The spiciness of the food can be decided by you (5 is medium and what I prefer, any number greater than 6 is very spicy and literally makes me cry :P)

Area: Meinohama

Bimi Nan: This is about a 25 mins walk from Marinoa City and about 7-8 mins from Meinohama station. Situated in a rather residential area, they serve Indian Food (Veg and Non-Veg) which is not very spicy (suits me). Of course, you can get it as much spiced as you want. The owner being a rajasthani, you can also request him for some dishes of your own choice and food can be also customized to your liking. Food I liked here starters, bluberry lassi (Only restaurant where I can get alteast 6 types of lassi), Samosa, Tandoori Chicken and Spicy Mushroom Paneer. I haven't tried many of their dishes since I have visited this place only 3-4 times.  

Area: Between Akasaka and Tenjin

ZaekaThis is about 10 mins walk from Akasaka subway or Tenjin subway/Mina Tenjin. They serve you the best non-vegetarian Indian/Pakistani dishes and I simply love their Chicken Biryani :). Food I like here Chicken Biryani, Sheekh kabab (Best one I have tasted in Fukuoka), Mutton Paaya (This the owner had made on our request and was really yummy),  do piayza (basically I like the gravy and this can be turned into a veg or non-veg dish as per your wish).  

Warning : Health conscious people, please forget your diet habits outside this place and enjoy the food.

Area: Akasaka or Daimyo

Sagar: Our never-ending stop for parties and some enjoyment. Basically the owner has got so used to us that he doesn't bother if we shout at the top of our voices or sing or even do some bhangra.  This is just 5 mins walk from Akasaka subway and mostly the destination for dinner. Vegetarian dishes are more here and of course, you can always ask for any customizations. I like the parathas served here - paneer paratha, aloo pyaz paratha, gobi paratha etc etc and of course, I do love mutter paneer (without paneer) and chilly milly.

El Boracho - A Mexican restaurant in Daimyo Area which I like more for the ambiance. Food is typically Mexican (Again here Veggie dishes are less).

Area: Hakata

SujataThis is housed on the 4th floor of Yodobashi in Hakata. They have a pre-decided menu and sorry not many customizations allowed. Staff is not very friendly but since I have been there a couple of times they have got used to me. This place is spacious, has a good ambiance and there is more variety of food to choose from. Basically, I prefer some snacks and tea if I go there in the evening or one of their lunch sets for lunch/dinner.

Area: Canal City

KohinoorLocated in the ground floor of Canal City, this serves the normal naans, tandoori roties and other Indian Curry. One of the best dishes here is the dal makhni (Which can be also found in their other chain in Fukuoka - Maharaja in Hawks town, Momochihama). Not much of customizations as such can be done here and they also serve according to the pre-decided menus.

Area: Nishijin

Amma - 7-8 mins walk from Nishijin subway (Praliva exit), this is the only South Indian Restaurant in Fukuoka. The owner is a Tamilian who also runs a dance school (bharatnatyam/movie dance) attached to the restaurant. Well haven't had a chance to have the meals but I do like the wada and onion rava dosa (tailor made for me :P) served here. 

Shivshankar - Again in the Nishijin area, about 10-12 mins walk from Nishijin subway (Dankies exit), this also serves Indian food. Again here the menu is fixed and not many customizations and Veg sabzi is only 2-3 in number. I don't have any personal favorites here but I like their Chana Hot plate and Black Pepper Chicken hot plate (I think thats the name).

Wara Wara and Jawatami - My favorite Semi-Japanese restaurants. This is located in Nishijin area and if you want to have some Japanese food and don't like the raw variety, this is the perfect place for you. (Veg options are again on the lower side). 

Area: Momochihama
Mamma Mia - I like this place more for the fact it overlooks the  Momochihama beach.
Food is typically Japanese but you can get some Chicken curry and rice/Pasta/Pizza. So enjoy them along with the cool Sea Breeze.

Pietro is an Italian restaurant offering pastas and pizzas again with a little Japanese touch. There is also a dog cafe attached to this restaurant. 

Area: Fujisaki
Curry House/Abashi - An Indo-Nepali restaurant near to Fujisaki Subway. Not many choices and but the little you get is good and this is also a lunch time restaurant.

Maharaja - Well just an another Indian restaurant which doesn't offer more than their fixed menu. I generally prefer this for my lunch time as the set comes cheap. 

HRC (Hard Rock Cafe) - Well everyone knows about this worldwide chain and I don't need to tell any further. The main attraction is the little song they play for you along with a free drink (having a fire sparkle) if its your birthday.  

Besides these you also have the Yatai (Japan's version of Indian roadside stalls) which sell Beer and Ramen Noodles. Mostly these are placed in the Tenjin Area. So, if you are not the hygiene freak and a Non-Veggie, try this out.  

A lot more Japanese, Indo-Nepali Restaurants are also there which you might find just walking around any place but the above ones are my tried and tested ones except for Yatai :)

Disclaimer: The images are courtesy Google search :) and I don't hold any copyright on any of them. 

P.S. The links are mostly display in Japanese. Please use the translate button on the top of your web page if you are using Google chrome to view in English. 
Please use google maps for routes and directions.
If there are any other restaurants you would like to suggest, please go ahead and send me a mail/comment. Would love to add them :)
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