Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teen fashion ....

If you are wondering why I am writing this post.... that's because I am/was frustrated.... 

I had to shop for a teenager over the weekend and the sad part of the story is its really really very very difficult. Options are plenty but when it comes to choosing, you just can't decide. Is the color cool, Is the dress cool, Is the design new or old, Is this fashion still there.... so many questions were running through my poor mind :(. 

Teenagers these days follow a different fashion statement altogether and that makes things worse to decide. I wish I had a jaadu ki chadi (magic wand) which would make things simpler. Things were made worse by my colleague who was telling "Shilpa san, you first pick the clothes, then I will choose...So, we will have two-level filtering". Well it was for his sister we were shopping and this statement of his added to my trouble. (Pehle toh shopping karo upar se help bhi nahi milti.... abe yaar na toh teri behen ko dekha hai na photo dekhi hai... toh decide kaise karoongi.... :(  ) 

When I attended college 8-9 years back, probably fashion was a down statement. People preferred to be seen in more comfortable dresses for the season than wearing branded or for that matter making a fashion statement.  At that time, Westside, Globus and the Mall Culture was slowly picking up and was more prominent in Bangalore than in Chennai. Thinking of it now, it has grown by leaps and bounds. 

4 years back when I went to my college, I could see it had invaded the college campus too :P. Students happily punching away on their mobile phones (although its supposed to be banned on the college campus), tamil replaced by the ishtylish english, cool clothes and footwear and yes I did feel out-of-place (felt more like a country girl). Out-of-place in the very same place which was like my 2nd home. Although I might be about 3 or 4 years older to them, I felt I belonged to a totally different generation (So much change in 2-3 years...phew!!!). 

When my mom bought me clothes as a teenager ... I never liked them... I preferred to choose them myself.. than let her choose them.  Each one of us has a definite way we want our clothes, and most of us (I can say 80%) are choosy when picking clothes. At times, when others pick clothes for us, we do "TRY" to like them but then somewhere somehow we don't whole heartedly like them. 

Whether we are hep or not, whether we are highly fashionable or not, our taste of clothes grows with the age. As kids, we wear whatever our parents buy for us, as teenagers, we want to wear whatever is the latest and cool fashion in town. 10 years down the line, we turn towards fashionable but more sober  and comfortable dresses and further more, we are still fashionable in a remote way and we wear more of what we are comfortable in. So, given all these proof, its certainly a difficult job to shop for a teenager.

After this shopping fiasco (I will know the results only when the teenager see those clothes.... Am really nervous), I understood my mom's predicament. Buying clothes for yourself is at times so confusing and to buy for someone 10 years younger to you is even more confusing. No wonder, me and my colleague shopped for 8 hours to decide on 3 clothes for his sister (the teenager in question) !!!!

Sorry mummy for making you feel bad whenever I didn't like the dress you bought. I now know much difficult it must have been for you.

P.S. If someone could give me tips on how to shop for a teenager, Please do so... I would be enlightened.
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