Friday, April 30, 2010


What happens when you pack 50 ladies on board  a bus and that too without their kids..... :P
Its commotion confounded and thats what exactly happened today. 50 of us headed towards Arita, the Porcelain town. This is an annual Porcelain fair which happens during the golden week from 29th April - 5th May at Arita. More than 600 shops sell porcelain wares. They are certainly a beauty to set your eyes on but the more interesting aspect here is you can bargain :P. Funny as it might sound, but Japan doesn't have much of bargaining places and this is one of them. So, feast your eyes to the rich stuff all along the way and bargain too. (Wow I felt so happy I could bargain after a long long time :P). I was slightly taken aback with the prices with some vases priced upto 2-3 lakh yen :) and so I went looking for some cheap and pretty stuff.  

So, here you go feast yourself as they are a real beauty (Forgive me for my photography am not that good at it :P)

On route to Arita

At a Private Museum

Tea Time


Funny isn't it?

Kings and Queens

On sale

Porcelain street (Here starts the journey to cover the 600+ shops)

One of the shopkeepers allowed me to click inside.

The cheapest I could find 

Lovely vases on display

I couldn't help admiring this :)

See those huge vases :) Like those from Aladin's time :)

Cute Owls

And finally what I bought. Aren't they pretty :)

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