Sunday, April 4, 2010


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"Oh!!! What a fool I have been!!!" a typical statement we hear in our everyday life....In fact, thats the truth of life. On a typical day, we make a fool of ourselves atleast 1-2 times. Am I joking.... No..... Take a look at the instances where we do make a fool of ourselves....

1. The mother trying to feed her child.. uses the customary bird to tell "Eat your food else the bird will take it away" (Poor bird, it would probably not even dare to come near the mother and kid and even if it comes will not consume more than a few grains.... but still the bird is the villain)

2. The shop keeper trying to sell off his wares quoting these are the best goods at the lowest prices.... and the best quality.... (Next day when the clothes come off the hem line or the shoes heel is off... you know the meaning of "best")

3. A manager making his employee believe he has been the best resource so far in his company when the employee submits his resignation (Sigh.... I can bet that the same manager has told the same thing to every employee who left his company ...If they realise it earlier they can save all those attrition rates from their company)

4. Advertisements screaming about the capabilities of each product. An advertisement typically attracts the customer towards it.... And how does that happen ... Well by making the gullible consumer believe the in-numerous positive points (Bad points... well we will think about them later.... as the consumer is the obvious guinea pig)

5. TV serials (especially the daily soaps) these are the best.... they make us believe those stories and actually make us wonder if such things do happen... (however exaggerated they are)... People watch such things and get so involved, that they seem to discuss about them every other day. (Some even go to the extent of applying these to their everyday life. Kids trying to perform like their favorite serial stars was so popular at one time that it led to the death of a kid)

6. News in the raw form never reaches us. Its only a few channels which do try to keep the actual news but we are more content watching the more hyped news versions than the actual news and actually believing it too....

7. Big malls offering the big time discounts which makes people go crazy. I remember one time there was a huge old for new discount sale at Big Bazaar in Bangalore and it ended in a stampede. Was it required? We might get the same things paying a little more and of better quality too. But we believe that the sale is actually helping by avoiding that pinch in the pocket.

8. Even our local milkman (or dhoodhwala) makes us believe he is giving us the best milk. Same credit goes to our vegetable man (sabziwala) and all other vendors from whom we buy our day-to-day things.

9. Food from hotels. High on fat content. We don't know what kind of oil is used but then we all eat it as thats the best and most tasty food.

10. I know this happens in IT everyday. The vendor trying to convince the client by telling the virtues of the solution however crap that maybe.

11. When things are going wrong, everything is against us, then also we believe that everything will become alright. Well, everything is in our hands only. No one can set it right.

12. (Sorry if I hurt any religious sentiments). Houses of God and so called proclaimers of God claiming that they can give us everything we want and even eternal freedom. Can this be true? Prayer and faith should be in the heart and thats what helps each man to progress forward and achieve his dreams. 

The list is endless. Yes, these are very simple things but we do believe them. They have become a part and parcel of our lives that we hardly realize that we are being fooled. Whether each of this helps us or not, we don't bother. Whether they affect our lives or not, we don't bother. We accept such things as they are and at the end of the day we just say "Oh!! What a fool I have been!!" - The simplest excuse.

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