Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you still watch Cartoons?

"Do you still watch cartoons?" Go Ahead and let me know.... :) 

My answer would be a definite "YES". An age can never be defined to watch a cartoon. Any time of the day and irrespective of whether am in a good or a bad mood.... I could always watch one. Can you ever forget "Jungle book.... Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai......." ? Now that you are grown up, have seen the world around you but still if this music plays won't it attract you to the TV/Computer wherever it might be playing. I made this small video combining some of the youtube videos to relive our childhood memories. Hope you enjoy it.

All of us have an inherent kid in us. As time goes by and with age, we do tend to act or be mature. But once in a while, don't you want to leave all that grown up stuff behind and behave like a kid. Let your hair down, jump about crazy, watch all those old-time cartoons and the more recent animation movies like "Kung - Fu Panda" and "Ice Age". Can you forget Uncle scrooge and Donald duck, Mickey mouse and Goofy, Glo friends, He Man (I have the power), My little pony  and all those cute cartoons which made your childhood so very colourful. I enjoy watching a cartoon as much as I enjoy watching a good Hindi/English movie. It uplifts my spirits when I am down and yes of course, keeps the kid in me alive. I never want that kid in me to die. 

P.S. You may be wondering why all of a sudden I am telling all this. This stems from an argument/discussion that I had with my colleague A that Colleague B likes watching cartoons all the time and its not correct or rather a wrong thing to do at this age. Considering all of us are 25+, this might sound absurd to some but is there anything wrong. I couldn't find anything wrong as I am myself a cartoon lover but not an addict. If colleague B likes to watch cartoons only... so be it.... he is following his heart... which most of us forget to do as we grow older.
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