Saturday, May 8, 2010


Was it the thought that I would go away again that made you cry every time you saw me?
Was it your love for me that you would refuse to eat before I had my food?
Was it the trust on me that you held my hand when climbing stairs even though there was a siderail?
Was it your motherly cover that always protected me from dad's reprimands?
Was it your perseverance that you would get up umpteen number of times to make coffee for me during exams although your health didn't allow you to?

I remember the lovely pencil box you gifted me when I came 9th rank in UKG. There was no turning back after that.
I remember the lovely roses and sarees you wore. Perhaps that can be a reason for my love for clothes too.
I remember your determination to give your best to your work in the toughest of times. Perhaps thats why no one can come between me and my work too.
I remember your joyful clapping whenever I went to the stage to collect my prizes.  There can be no cheerleader like you.

I hope I can always make you proud of me
I hope I can always be like you

A time has come now when 
I can't understand why you mistake me for my sister
I can't see the pain you go through every day to eat your food
I can't hold your hand and make you walk
I can't understand what you are talking
I can't see the lively person that you were once now confined to your bed

I Wish once more for that liveliness in you which is very much you...
I Wish you could once again listen to all my batter...
I Wish you could scold me again ...
I Wish you could fuss over me again ...

I Wish that you remain with me always ...

I Wish...

With Love,
Your dear daughter

This is my entry for blogadda's "Write a Tribute to your Mom!" contest and the gift I would like to gift to my mom.
Of the world

Best mom
Of the world
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