Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old is Gold

Well, can we ever forget those wonderful ads of the 80's and 90's. The ones which formed the song of our life, the ones which we laughed at, enjoyed and yes, till date we remember the entire jingle till the dot. So, lets go down memory lane today too... Some of the Indian ads which held our fascination and do continue to do so ...

Bajaj Scooter - "Hamara Bajaj... Hamara Bajaj"- Past

The current one

Surf ki lalitaji yaad hai???

And this is just so cute

Liril had always models in scanty clothes and continues to do so :)

"Jab main chota ladka tha... meri chori pakdi jaati... roshan hai...????" - Does that ring a bell

Lime and Lemoni "Limca"
And the current one which is equally so so very sweet
And the current one which is equally so so very cute

"Vicks ki goli lo... khich khich door karo"

And the current comparison to the old one

"Chai Coffee kesan bhai... karam kurram"

I was taken aback and felt proud of the achievement made by the ladies behind Lijjat Papad

Cinthol (Though I don't remember this one much)

Digjam - The music was deadly

Fevicol Ad (That's Rajkumar Hirani ... The now all famous director of 3 idiots)

And the recent one which I don't want to understand

Gold Spot (Wonder where it went?)

I love you Rasna

Asian Paints

I am a complan girl, I am a complan boy

And the Nescafe one - really refreshing music

And the mesmerizing music of Garden Vareli ... Can you forget that?

:) Do I need to tell about the below one... I bet you all will sing with it....

And can you forget this titan ad???? - Just great show of sentiments 

And these all so so cute cute ads which we drooled over :). Well I did as I was in my teens when these ads came.

And one of my fav from tamil ads :) 

Well I could go and on, but then my page wont load itself :). There are so many ads which we grew up seeing. They were like part of our life. Remember these ones, "Raju aapke daanth toh motiyon jaise chamak rahe hain?" or "Kya hua, bacchi ro rahi thi.... Woodwards de de, wahi toh main tumhein deti thi jab tum choti thi" or the Onida Ad. God I was so much afraid of the Onida Ad. Used to hide behind the curtains whenever it came on TV. Such sweet memories of childhood and Doordarshan times, can we ever forget. The ads may have changed their format over the years, but isn't it the old ones which still linger in our minds? There was a simplicity to which we were attracted and we identified with. Those times may never come but we can enjoy those ads thanks to Youtube and all such media sources.

So, do you remember any other old Indian ads ?
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