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Nemu sat gazing with blank eyes at the sky above. Everyday the sky looked beautiful and the stars shined with all their brightness on him. He loved gazing at them. His father had told him that his mother had also become a star and came every night to meet him. He would sit every night in the open ground and look lovingly at the stars, talk to them and share his deepest thoughts and secrets. He felt his mom had never left him. She was always there hovering over him with that motherly blanket which keeps every child so warm.

Today, he was looking at the same stars but he couldn't spot his mother. He was feeling lonely and sad. Tutu whistled to him. Tutu was a new friend he had made today. Tutu asked, "Hey Nemu, Not eating? Not feeling hungry?". Nemu didn't respond. He didn't feel like talking to anyone except his mom today. Tutu saw the sad look on Nemu's face but he knew he couldn't do anything to cheer him up. Tutu had got used to this way of life but Nemu was new. It would take him sometime but he would come around, Tutu thought and left Nemu to himself.

Nemu was feeling hungry but didn't feel like eating. The entire day had been so tiresome and sleep hung heavily on his eyes. Before he knew it, he was soon in a deep slumber. Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light. He woke up startled. He saw his mom coming towards him. The smile was back on his face. She came running towards him, and placed her hands on his face. Tears welled up in his eyes. He kept on licking her hand. She unlocked the door of his cage and he ran into her arms.  They hugged each other and cried their hearts out. Tutu looked out from his cage and cried as he saw the mother-son duo. They finally wiped each other's tears and sat down to talk. Nemu's mother however said, "I don't have much time Nemu. I must finish the work I have come for". Saying so, she moved to the other cages and started to open each cage one by one. Out flew tutu, the green parrot. The leopard cat followed next, then the bear, then the elephant. Each ran towards the safety of the forest. They didn't want to lose this golden chance of freedom. It was commotion all through.

Nemu stood waiting for his mother. After everyone had been released, she came to Nemu and told him fondly "Nemu darling, I must go now. Promise you will be a good boy and look after your papa and listen to his words. If you had listened to him today, you wouldn't have landed up in the trap in the forest today. Animal Poachers are everywhere and you have to be careful else you will again end up as a captive like this again. Promise you will behave henceforth. Promise me Nemu". Nemu said, "I promise you Mama. I will be good boy". They went hand in hand till the forest and then his mom bade farewell to him. He stood looking at her vanishing silhouette for a long long time and then made his way to the forest, back to the place where he belonged.

The cold water thrown on him woke him up. He looked around. The cage was still there all around him. Tutu was sleeping still in the cage next to him. What had happened, was it all a dream? Had his mom really come? Had he really escaped from his captors? He lay down thinking how nice a dream it had all been. He knew he couldn't escape from all this and had to accept this new life thrust upon him. 

Poaching is illegal but some people do it for monetary gains. This has put a lot of our endangered species to risk. Going forward, we may not be even able to see some of the common animals and birds if poaching continues at this rate. Just a thought to ponder on...
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