Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fall season

I really don't know why this golden week I seem to be visiting falls only. So, today was also falls day and this time we visited 3 falls in Ukiha. Some impromtu planning, a run to catch the bus to Hakata station, missing the train by 3 mins (Ye hai Jaapaan meri jaan), an hour long wait for the next train, switching of trains at Kurume and finally a taxi drive. Yes, we did finally manage to reach the falls. Well I guess we took all the means of transport. Now the only one left was walking and don't worry we did that too as it was a 35 mins trek to each of the two falls we went to. The other two were too far and we didn't have the energy (certainly not me after 4 days of roaming about :P) . I can never compare this to Hogenakkal but this was different, the trek, the water gushing by, the chillness of the water, the pure silence except for water flowing and the sheer pleasure of walking in wilderness was total bliss. So, here we go more falls pics to fall for. If they all look the same, please don't blame me :P.
Read me please :)


We the great trekkers :)



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