Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doll House

The Artsy Craftsy Challenge has been going on for sometime now and I have been always tempted to try it atleast once. So, today down with a bad cold and cough, it did push me to take this challenge :) and boy, it felt so good. Its a really long, long time after which I am making these things. As a kid, I ended up doing anything and everything that came on TV. My dad and mom always bought me everything they could manage to find in that small town for my expeditions like this. I remember one time I used white paper to try out some oregami flower, and since the outcome looked cute, my dad got me a lot of green colored craft paper(since the local stationery shop had only green color) so that I could make a similar larger one. It was hung for a long time in my old house... Don't know where it is now though :(

So, showcasing meri gudia ka ghar/Doll house.

Things I used besides the usual craft things are 

1. Some lovely block arts which I picked at some fair (My battery went out at the last moment.. So will upload pics later ... as of now, you can get a fair idea from the below pic)
2. The color stamps for these block arts
3. Different colored craft papers
4. Some decorations which I got for Christmas and came handy now.
5. Thermocol sheets (Thick ones and Thin ones - which are normally used for packing glass and other such fragile material)

Of course, you can unleash your creativity and decorate this doll house as you like. 

So, here it goes, 

1. Cut out three long slabs (The length as you may desire) and two small ones for the walls
2. I then pasted colored paper (light red color) on the ones meant for the wall. On the paper, I made some designs as you can see below. The other side, I left the thermocol as it is and painted them with red color paint.

3. For the floor, I pasted a thick white cardboard onto the thermocol sheet and then used the block pieces to make those designs.  Then I stuck the walls to the floor. You can use fevicol to stick them together but since I didn't have any I made use of board pins to hold them together.

4. For the back wall, I covered the thermocol with a thin variety of thermocol sheet and stuck those leaves and bells on them.

5. For the roof, covered it with black craft paper and then used the stamp color to make those golden imprints. 

So, how do you like it.... I don't have many dolls, only these small ones... wish I could keep more in them :P. 

So, what are you waiting for. Why don't you also take up the Artsy Craftsy challenge.... I had  so much of fun :)

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